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Discovery Global Teleports

Discovery Global with in the World Network Service
Via Satellite
One-way broadband internet access via satellite service: Full two-way Internet Connectivity

One Way Broadband Internet Access via satellite is the most suitable solution for whom, who requires a narrowband return channel via a telephone modem, GPRS, ISDN or other Internet access. One Way Internet Access via Satellite is a perfect solution to boost up the existing telecommunications infrastructure or to allow free access to Internet services blocked by local ISPs.

Discovery Global One Way Cost Effective Internet Access via Satellite combines a high-speed satellite down-link service within the end userís existing terrestrial return channel. Broadband Satellite Access is realized via satellite, the terrestrial return is set-up as a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection back to the Satellite Hub station.

The VPN tunnel allows to all authorized users transparent access to the web, to e-mail and ftp and to any other web application. The local Telco or ISP only sees the connected VPN data and has no means to block any specific content.

  • The Service Description:

Discovery Global with in the World Network Service
  • Low cost hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Small dish size
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Wide coverage
  • VPN Return Channel
  • High quality level: CIR, 1:5 and 1:10
  • *The prices for services and the service coverage information can be found here  Prices and Coverage Area 


    Broadband Internet Access
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