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Discovery Global with in the World Network Service
Via Satellite
SKYPLEX Data - Multiplex @ satellite

SKYPLEX enables hub-less or meshed IP based satellite networks. Compared to classical hub-based VSAT systems, SKYPLEX halves the round trip distance - and thus the latency. This feature is particularly important for delay critical two-way applications, such as video-conferencing. In addition, a broadcast production facility, radio station or web TV provider can directly access the satellite for up-link with a low-cost satellite news-gathering station.

The Terminals encapsulate the IP streams into MPEG-2 streams and transmit them to the satellite. Skyplex “On Board Processing” demodulates the SCPC signals, multiplexes, the contributions from all the terminals and modulates a carrier which is retransmitted to all the terminals of the network. The connections between the terminals are established on the basis of PID and IP addresses.

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Discovery Global with in the World Network Service

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