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Discovery Global - Broadband LinkStar™ Corporate Network (IP Connect)

  A broadband LinkStar™ based network can be configured as a satellite based private Wide Area Network (WAN) for communication with headquarters and among remote sites. The round-trip latency is around 1.5 s as all data has to pass through the central satellite hub station (Double Hop).

   IP Connect is a reliable, flexible, high-performance two-way satellite solution, offering dedicated and guaranteed bandwidth. It is designed specifically for companies or closed user-groups, allowing them to link sites, or create virtual private networks (VPNs).

  With IP Connect, a company or organisation can expand the reach of its corporate networks and communicate quickly, economically and securely with branch offices and remote areas.

  The beauty of IP Connect is its flexibility. The service can be tailored to your customers' needs and capacity requirements. Customers can define their own contention ratio and quality of service parameters for sub-groups within a fixed capacity contract. Prioritization can also be done by protocol, IP address etc.

  • The Service Description

 Tailored Internet access
 Data/video exchange
 Voice over IP 
 Terrestrial back-up services
 Remote monitoring 
 Streaming applications

  • Key applications:

  • LAN interconnection
    Satellite VPN solutions
    Voice and fax transmissions

  • Key benefits:

  • Worldwide availability
    - independent of terrestrial infrastructure
    Rapid deployment
    - any site within satellite coverage can be connected to the network in a few hours
    Guaranteed Quality of Service
    Efficient and flexible use of bandwidth - the bandwidth can be dynamically shared among closed-user network points

    *The prices for services and the service coverage information can be found here  Prices and Coverage Area 


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